Hello, my name is Michelle (or Michele as I spelled it as a little girl in Switzerland…)
Let’s begin at the age of six when my parents noticed I was doodling everywhere. Dad came home from work one evening and brought me a big box of colored crayons! “Thanks Dad!”

My grandfather was a Hotel Restaurant owner in Montreux, Switzerland. My parents would often place me at a corner table near the entrance. There I sat, looking at all sorts of interesting people coming to eat and their big hair styles fascinated me! I began drawing circles that soon became little faces with lot’s and lot’s of big curly hair. The curls got so big that I filled them hundreds of times with my name.

After living my early years in Geneva, Switzerland, we moved to Italy where I celebrated my eighth Birthday. One weekend, we sailed with friends from Switzerland to Pordenone, Italy. Their daughter was my sailing buddy and we couldn't wait to get off the boat to explore! We played in the narrow streets lined with stones and sat in the sun by the water rubbing fresh Italian lemons in our hair for highlights.

Meanwhile, staring at all the stones under my feet, I was dreaming of drawing on them! Guess what? Dad gave me a black magic marker and I was selling my little girls on the streets of Italy! My parents were so proud! I had made enough money to buy all my friends a huge scoop of ice-cream on a waffle cone!

A year a later we moved to the US, where I finished my education and then worked for some of the largest companies in Silicon Valley. During this time, I also continued my art as a hobby.

Now, I work full time on my drawings and my girls are evolving. They are looking at you with innocence and playfulness, placing a smile in your corner of the world!